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October 12, 2009
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Creatures :: 01 by WARxSnake Creatures :: 01 by WARxSnake
Mass Effect style Sci-Fi character doodle.
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The Rahl are a dextro amino race of humanoid bipeds. Their species made first contact with the major galactic society in 2185 on the cusp of the Reaper invasion. Although their physical features  strongly suggest that they are as a people are inclined to violence, their species had long since reconciled most issues of battle as far back as the early 2000's.

 Living an average life-span of 625 galactic standard years; an average Rahl stands anywhere between eight and ten feet in height. This being an evolutionary response to their home-world's great atmospheric density. They stand with features not dissimilar to the Krogan or Turian. Their bodies inherit a thick, almost exoskeleton layer of dense continuous plates that fuse with the skin. Their elongated facial features hinder them with only a one-seventy degree  scope of vision. Probably their most defined feature is the lack of distinction between their necks and shoulders resulting from excessive upper body musculature and density. This has coined the phrase "cobra-necks" in some circles. 

Not far from their home-world, Rahlaka, and shortly after engaging in rudimentary space flight a faint EM Signature osculating from the furthest world in their system appeared. On the surface of this  world was a Prothean observation outpost. There they found FTL Drives, refined Element Zero and advanced technologies. Not long after this discovery, their people had unified as a single "nation" and activated their native systems's Mass Relay. This lead to rapid colonization of nearby systems and laid claim to their resources.

Later and through cautionary examination of the same Prothean resources, the Rahl engineered members of their own species to tolerate and incorporate Element Zero into their biology resulting in a subset of the population with a great aptitude for  biotics. This superseded the need for in utero exposure and implants as used in most other species. 

This subset ultimately will counter their species lack of racial diversity. However, the level of genetic augmentation resulted in a necessary  reduction of muscle mass to further accommodate for the physical  drain needed to forge ME Fields in organics without the use of biotic amps and implants. To identify the biotic race of people's further, pigment alteration was used to shift the innate skin tones from deep reds and minor greens to shades of blue and black. As of now 0.043% of the Rahl's net population fall under the biotic adept subset.

This is one of the only standing examples of tailored evolution in current galactic society. This lead to wide spread debate as to the moral applications of such genetic augmentation and whether or not it was acceptable to partition an individual species so extensively. As of recently, the Rahl have had little issue integrating with the rest of the the galactic community barring the dietary issues dextro amino races experience. 
Hum, Volus have great density on their homeworld, so they're short and stocky. Blue people from Avatar's film have lesser density than earth, so they're tall and gracious.
See what I mean ?

And, why not chitinous body ? It would easily replace the exosqueleton but let them have... flexibility in their movements. Otherwise they can't be so evolved without endosqueleton since exosqueleton forbid many moves. Just not compatible with evolution, let's say.
My word, I still liked the desc.
Given the massive dissapointment that was ME3's last moments; I'm kinda looking forwards to seeing what life evolves into dominance next cycle. i know that this isn't going to happen, but i prefer this creature to the Yahg. Anyone got a name for it?
nice! Like the head design
That's really cool dude. It looks like a hybrid -- Turian, Drell and Krogan. Did you have any basis for him/it?
HasanG54 Jun 8, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
wow amazing. You shoudl contact Bioware about this. Maybe we'll see it in ME3
ilikeshinyobjects May 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
O_O Whoa.

I'm not alone in wanting to make Mass Effect-inspired aliens! Woo! *tosses arms up* \o/
danitiwa May 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
DOODLE? YOU CALL THIS A DOODLE? This is a masterpiece. :D It's really cool, kind of like a drell turian mix with a cobra tossed in it.
awesome, would be a badass villain!
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